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Autore Thomas e William Simpson
Iniziali T e WS
Provenienza Birmingham
Data 1824
Sovrano George IV
Particolarita' Dedica: 'HARRIETTE'

Birmingham: T e W Simpson - STUNNING DECORATION - Rare

This is a very attractive GEORGIAN solid sterling silver vinaigrette that was made in Birmingham, England in 1824 by the illustrious silversmiths, Thomas e William Simpson. It is a super size - measuring almost 1 3-8' wide, over 3-4' deep and stands over 1-2' tall.

It weighs 13.4 grams - almost 1-2 troy oz. It has a very elegant design gorgeous floral decoration in relief to the rim of the lid and stunning engraved leaf decoration to the base.
It is engraved Harriette to the raised cartouche on the lid. The grille is pierced and engraved in a very detailed floral pattern. The insides of lid and base and the grille are gilded.

The vinaigrette was used, primarily by ladies, in the late 18th and 19th centuries.
They consist of a compartment which contained a sponge soaked in aromatic acid - a form of vinegar and hence the name.
The sponge was retained by a grille. When the vinaigrette was opened the aroma was said to greatly refresh and revive their owner.

The aroma generated from the vinaigrette counteracted that from both the bodies and the environment. Unusually, this vinaigrette still has its sponge.

This vinaigrette is in very good condition after 185 years - it has the usual light surface scratching with NO dints and no dents or splits or repairs - with NO damage to the grille hinge.
The main hinge works well with NO spring and the grille fits perfectly.
It is hallmarked to the base with anchor, TeWS, A and to the lid with George III duty mark, TeWS, lion passant -sterling silver assay mark- showing that it was hallmarked in Birmingham in 1824.

I have shown the hallmarks so that you can make up your own mind.

A really RARE GEORGIAN vinaigrette in SUPERB condition from illustrious silversmiths after over 185 years!!!!

Vinaigrette Vinaigrette
Vinaigrette Vinaigrette
Vinaigrette Vinaigrette
Vinaigrette Vinaigrette


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